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Program Details

Inspire Connections is a web portal connecting students in grades 6-12 to work-based learning activities with local employers. This regional program is managed by Momentum West, with the Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corporation serving as a local liaison to connect local businesses to their emerging workforce. Our employers can utilize this free tool to offer opportunities and consultations through the Career Cruising platform that is currently being utilized in the Eau Claire Area School District.

Target issue and group: Engage and retain the local future workforce; Targets local businesses and impacts K-12 students

Scope: Eau Claire County within the larger 10-county Momentum West Region

Responsible organizations: Momentum West (regional), Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corporation (Eau Claire)

Employer involvement: Companies register their profile on the website, designating in-house career coaches and providing work-based learning activities such as apprenticeships, job-shadowing opportunities, class speakers, company tours, resume reviews, mock interviews, and more.

Program Contacts

Name: Steve Jahn

Title: Executive Director

Email: steve@momentumwest.org

Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce