Explore the Workforce Playbook

Program Details

CareerLaunch is a program that encourages members to assess their skills and interests, explore careers, make sound educational decisions and prepare to join our nation’s work force. Volunteers help teens build their job-search skills and job readiness by using the CareerLaunch Facilitator Guide and working with teens individually or in small groups. Participants are provided with online career exploration, college and job search information and interactive activities, along with mentoring, job shadowing and training opportunities. In Eau Claire, it would include a one week tour of UW- Eau Claire, and continue for five to six weeks for two to three days per week.

Target issue and group: Education and training; Students ages 12-18

Scope: Eau Claire area; 40-60 students

Responsible organizations: Boys and Girls Clubs of the Greater Chippewa Valley

Employer involvement: Provide volunteers

Program Contacts

Name: Samantha Cole

Email: scole@cvclubs.org

Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce