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Blugold Beginnings Day Camps

Program Details

Blugold Beginnings offers six engaging summer camps each year to provide students the opportunity to spend a week learning about a topic of interest on the UW-Eau Claire campus. These hands-on, project based learning camps help participants explore careers and build valuable academic skills. Scholarships are available for all campers and transportation is provided from Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay and Wausau. Day camps include: Robotics Day Camp; STEM Overnight Camp and STEM Day Camp; Biomedical and Kinesiology Overnight camp; Coding Day Camp; and Exploring Art, Language and Culture Overnight Camp.

Target issue and group: Education and training, talent attraction; 6-12 grade students

Scope: Wisconsin; 100 students

Responsible organizations: Blugold Beginnings/UW- Eau Claire

Employer involvement: None

Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce