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Program Details

The West Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board provides resources and assistance to businesses, industries and job seekers. In general, it carries out responsibilities as outlined by the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014. Services and assistance for job seekers include: the West Central Wisconsin Job Center System and Training Academies. Services and assistance for businesses and industries include: assisting businesses find skilled workers, training and retaining workforce, and layoff aversion and assistance.

Target issue and group: Education and training, barriers to the workforce; job seekers, business and industry

Scope: Western to central Wisconsin; nine counties, represents 10,000 businesses and organizations and 400,000 people in the workforce

Responsible organizations: Workforce Development Board

Employer involvement: Utilize resources and assistance

Program Contacts

Name: Jon Menz

Title: Executive Director

Phone: (715) 235-8393 EXT .100

Email: jmenz@wdbwcw.org

Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce