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The Chamber’s role, led by its Workforce Development Committee, is to serve as a champion for employers as they work to solve their immediate and long term talent and workforce challenges:

Approach workforce as a critical supply chain issue. Serve as a catalyst to help assure cooperation, collaboration, communication, timeliness and accountability across regional workforce efforts. Convene leaders as needed to tackle specific opportunities and challenges. Support local, regional and state workforce initiatives that have a direct impact employers.
Identify gaps and overlap in area workforce efforts and advocate for changes or action as needed.

Identify the most critical issues specific to our region and its employers, and serve as a clearinghouse for Chamber members on workforce-related information and programs, helping point them to resources that address their specific challenges.
Participate and collaborate with other entities where the Chamber’s knowledge and resources can provide value to achieving important goals.

Maximize our area’s unique assets and value in attracting and retaining talent.

Target issue and group: Workforce


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Program Contacts

Name: Kaylynn Stahlbusch

Title: Workforce Director

Phone: (715) 858-0615

Email: stahlbusch@eauclairechamber.org


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Workforce Connector All Day

Workforce Connector

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The Workforce Connector is a publication of Eau Claire Area Chamber Workforce Initiatives. The information provided is meant to be a resource outlining the Chamber's efforts to help navigate workforce challenges, highlight solutions and provide connections to area Employers.
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