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Wisconsin is more than picturesque farmland, plentiful freshwater and woodland escapes. It’s the innovators, weekend warriors, philanthropists and inventive visionaries who form the soul of our state.

It’s the people who are driven to make their mark.

Those who call Wisconsin home have a restless drive to invent, a sense of pride in their work and fervor for creating and achieving. Here, we rise up—to solve challenges, explore passions and meet the world’s ever-evolving needs. People and businesses alike flourish with Wisconsin’s support. And our determination has made us leaders in global industries and quality of life.

In Wisconsin®, if you can think it, you can make it happen…whether you’re dreaming of a better job, improving the world, starting a family or simply enjoying the experiences Wisconsin life has to offer.

Target issue and group: Make a living, or make a life? People who live In Wisconsin® don’t have to decide. Many of our cities are consistently ranked among the best places to live because they’re livable, walkable and affordable while offering opportunities to enrich the world and our own lives. Our state is home to the largest musical festival in the world, the only publicly-owned NFL team in the nation and enough farm-to-table dining options to impress even the most ardent foodie—all while remaining a place where cost of living is among the lowest in the nation. Add to that low crime rates, stellar schools, short commute times, four glorious seasons, two Great Lakes and 15,000 smaller but equally inviting ones, and access to superior health care, and Wisconsin warrants consideration above and beyond its world-renowned cheese and beer credentials. Simply put, it’s a place where people live—happily, healthily and wholly.

Scope: Making an impact starts with knowing you can. Whether you’re driven to improve our world or just yours, we support our game-changers by creating opportunities that can turn ambitions into careers. Our world-class educational institutions and research facilities as well as our access to abundant natural resources have allowed us to create and sustain industry leadership in the areas of advanced manufacturing; energy, power and control; water technology, food and beverage production, biohealth and more. By moving ideas from vision to reality, Wisconsin has improved lives for those here and across the globe. Our culture of innovation increases productivity, enhances sustainability and improves health, raising living standards worldwide. It’s no wonder that Wisconsin is home to some of the most inspiring and consequential companies and people in the nation. The only thing missing is you. Here, you can do more because you have more: more opportunity, more career satisfaction and a more well-rounded life. Maybe it’s time to discover more you…In Wisconsin®.

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