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United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley

Program Details

United Way is a non-profit which invests in regional programs that targets: education, financial stability, health and basic needs. United Way brings resources together and invests in a foundation of strong, viable programs, mobilize volunteers to address community needs and fight for the health, education and financial stability of Chippewa Valley residents. Currently, they are partnering with organizations that align with these goals: helping children at or below 250% poverty be cognitively, physically, and behaviorally prepared to succeed in school; provide money management skills to families to reduce debt and save for the future and provide skills training; promote healthy lifestyles by addressing mental health issues and support access to basic needs services, such as food, shelter and medical care.

United Way provides employee engagement opportunities:
Mental Wellness:
• QPR Training-Question, Persuade, Refer, United Way staff or community partner will facilitate suicide prevention training for your employees.
• Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and Resiliency Training is available for youth-serving professionals, to provide information to implement resilience-promoting actions at individual and organizational levels.
Financial Education:
• Workplace Financial Education Classes-in partnership with local professionals, United Way will bring FREE financial education sessions to your workplace to help your employees learn tips on managing their finances.
• Financial Coaching-United Way can help connect your employees to trained financial coaches who will assist them in meeting their financial goals.
Parenting Support:
• Talking is Teaching-As a part of a community collaboration, United Way can provide resources for parents, guardians, caregivers which encourages them to talk, read, sing and play every day with the children in their lives.
Tools to Share:
• MyFreeTaxes.com is a partnership between H&R Block and United Way that allows residents with a household income below $66,000 to file their federal taxes for free.
• FamilyWize is a prescription savings card that allows residents to save precious dollars to meet basic living expenses.
Strengthening Young Leaders:
• Emerging Leaders Society provides opportunities for young professionals to get involved in our community through volunteerism, fundraising and leadership opportunities.

Opportunities to build employer loyalty by connecting employees to their community:
Day of Caring-join the largest community service event in the Chippewa Valley. Volunteers from businesses in all sectors come together to help our community and assist local nonprofits with a variety of projects.
Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive-Help support the largest food drive nationwide. Ask about running your own workplace food drive or encouraging your employees to volunteer for the event.
Volunteer Guides-encourage volunteerism by providing print copies, or online access, to United Way’s annual Volunteer Guide (www.uwgcv.org/volunteer).

Target issue and group: Barriers to the workforce; community members of all ages

Scope: Chippewa Valley

Responsible organizations: United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley

Employer involvement: Apply for grants, partner financially, participate in employee engagement opportunities

Program Contacts

Name: Jan Porath

Phone: (715) 834-5043

Email: jporath@uwgcv.org

Name: Rebecca Baader

Title: Director of Marketing

Phone: (715) 834-5043

Email:  rbaader@uwgcv.org

Name: Nona Buchholz

Title: Director of Accounting and Operations

Phone: (715) 834-5043

Email: nbuchholz@uwgcv.org

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