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The ACT Work Ready Community program identifies skill gaps, quantifies skill levels of the workforce, and helps educators build career pathways to be customized to the industry’s needs. Overall, it holds the goal of closing the skills gap among workers and job seekers, and builds a common framework that links, aligns, and matches workforce development efforts. This goal is accomplished by students taking the WorkKeys Assessments to earn a National Career Readiness Certificate. Counties become certified through completing the ACT Work Ready Communities Academy and meeting goals related workforce development engagement. A participating county team consists of representatives from local government, economic and workforce development, community/technical colleges, K-12 system, and business/industry.

Target issue and group: Barriers to workforce, education and training, and retention; K-12 students, current and transitional employees, and businesses

Scope: Eau Claire County; Cross-sectional team from Eau Claire County

Responsible organizations: Steering committee led by CVTC and other stakeholders including the Chamber; Eau Claire County is the first county in Wisconsin to have the Work Ready Community program

Employer involvement: Recognize certificate

Program Contacts

Name: Lynette Livingston

Title: Executive Dean

Email: [email protected]


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Workforce Connector All Day

Workforce Connector

All Day

The Workforce Connector is a publication of Eau Claire Area Chamber Workforce Initiatives. The information provided is meant to be a resource outlining the Chamber’s efforts to help navigate workforce challenges, highlight solutions and provide connections to area Employers.

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