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America’s Job Honor Awards

Program Details

The program is a nonprofit effort that seeks to help disadvantaged citizens enter the workforce. Annual awards ceremonies are hosted to celebrate individuals who have overcome significant barriers to employment and the employers who hire them. Nominations are first submitted via their website, then honorees are selected and then celebrated in state-level awards ceremonies. Additionally, the organization works year-round to inspire disadvantaged job seekers to utilize available job training resources, and to encourage companies to hire the individuals who complete such programs. This is done through public speaking, seminars and media appearances.

Target issue and group: Barriers to employment, education and training, talent retention; Individuals with barriers to employment

Scope: Wisconsin

Responsible organizations: America’s Job Honor Awards is responsible, but the WMC hosts the Annual Wisconsin Job Honor Awards during their Future Wisconsin Summit in 2018

Employer involvement: Participate in hiring and assisting individuals who have overcome barriers to employment

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