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Workforce Demand Survey (Skills Gap Employer Survey)

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Beginning as part of the Regional Skills Gap Initiative in 2012, the survey collects local employers’ future needs of the local labor market. The survey helps more accurately portray the Chippewa Valley’s labor market and needs as most labor data is tied to national and state sources. The end goal is to align the regional talent pool with the future needs of local employers. Survey results have had significant influence on programs at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, River Falls, and Stout, and in the distribution of Untied Way Microgrants to students studying in-demand occupational programs at the Chippewa Valley Technical College. K-12 schools also use these results for career counseling.

Target issue and group: Overcoming workforce barriers; Targets local businesses and impacts higher education institutions and K-12 students

Scope: Chippewa Valley

Responsible organizations: Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corporation; Some feedback has been received, survey will be conducted in late spring with results expected to be published in the fall

Employer involvement: Participate in survey

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